About Us

“ohmerishop” is a platform of buying or selling of products on online services over the internet.

“ohmerishop” is a term for electronic commerce or even internet commerce.The name is self explanatory,it is the meeting of buyers and sellers on the website.This involves the transaction of goods and services the transfer of funds and exchange of product details.

So when you consumer log into your “ohmerishop” site and purchase a product this is the classic example of online transaction.


Our website “ohmerishop” is based on Business to Customer model.

Business to consumer.Here the company (“ohmerishop”) will provide a platform to sell their goods and/or services directly to the consumers.The consumer can browse our website and look at the products,pictures,read reviews.Then they place their order and the shopkeepers ships the goods directly to them.

“ohmerishop” provides the sellers with a global reach.It remove the barrier of place.Now sellers and buyers can meet in the virtual worlds,without the hindrance of location.

With the help of our website (“ohmerishop”) shopkeepers can provide quick delivery of products with very little effort to the consumers.It saves time,energy and effort for both the consumers and the shopkeeper.

One other great advantage is the convenience it offers.A consumer can shop 24x7.The website (“ohmerishop”) is functional all times.It does not have working hours.

“ohmerishop” also allows the consumers and the shopkeepers to be in touch directly,without any intermediaries.This allows quick communication and transaction (financial).It also gives a valuable personal touch.

“ohmerishop” offers to shopkeepers a whole range of opportunities,from market opportunities to increasing your sale.

“ohmerishop” provides a lower cost very affordable and easy to set up platform to start or set your business. 

The aim of “ohmerishop” is to save the time of the consumers.”ohmerishop” wants to give consumers to all the shopkeepers,by using”ohmerishop” platform.You can see all the products,collections and the latest fashion garments of your near by market.This satisfies the need of the consumers for instant gratification.

Now the wait is over “ohmerishop” is here.

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